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California's premier habeas corpus attorney Specializing in representing prisoners on habeas corpus
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California Habeas Handbook

The Premier Habeas Corpus Lawyer in California

Based in San Francisco, California, Kent Russell is a highly experienced attorney dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens throughout the state of California and nationally. Mr. Russell's specialty is in representing prisoners on Habeas Corpus cases, and he is widely recognized as California’s leading expert on habeas corpus, state and federal. Kent is the author of "The California Habeas Handbook", currently in its fifth edition.

Kent’s law firm, Russell and Russell, specializes in post-conviction litigation, including habeas corpus petitions, evidentiary hearings, §2255 petitions, and appeals. Kent is an experienced and dedicated lawyer who has been actively representing criminal defendants, appellants, and petitioners for over 35 years in state and federal courts in California and throughout the country. He has handled hundreds of habeas corpus petitions on the state and federal level, and is an acknowledged, practicing expert in appellate and habeas corpus law both in California and nationally.

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